3 Medical Professionals You Should Visit Once

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There are a host of medical professionals that can help you in ways you didn’t know. However, many people don’t know about these clients. They have little idea about these professionals and how they can help. That is why, after speaking to a few professionals – and some local people – we have three of best medical experts you should visit at least once...

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Five Typical Driving Distractions One Must Avoid!

Five Typical Driving Distractions One Must Avoid!

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  Distractions affect every sort of work, but they can cause you major consequences when you are on the road. Distractions while driving can even bring fatal outcomes. After all, a trivial amount of inattentionfor just a secondmay easily turn your happy drive into adisastrous accident. So give utmost attention on the wheels, accelerator,brake and keepthe eyes...

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Mad and Mighty Michelle

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Our youngest daughter, Michelle, is still a toddler, and she’s still working on the whole potty training thing.  Trying to teach toddlers things is just so frustrating, they don’t know as many words as you do, and so sometimes what you say to them, even if you don’t realize it, they can’t understand it because it’s too complex.  Explaining something as simple as...

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Stay at Home Mums

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The other day, I came home from work (we had been working on the design for a library), and my wife was asleep with our two little girls.  She’s a stay at home mom, and I’ve always admired her for being able to do that.  She’s usually more tired than I am after working all day. I hate that stay at home moms never get much credit for what they do.  My mom stayed at...

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Hike to Unwind

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So the other day I was hiking, one of my favorite things to do and I noticed all the wonderful things around me, all the natural things.  I was hiking by myself that day because my wife had to take our youngest daughter, Michelle, to the doctor.  Little Michelle seemed like she might have a bit of a cold.  But anyway, back to nature and its beauty.  I can totally...

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Day at the beach

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After a recent trip to St. Kilda with my wife and two girls, I’m a lot more relaxed and laid back.  No surprise there, right?  Lying out on the beach, catching a few waves, staying at a beach side hotel, and complimentary massages?  It would be pretty relaxing to anybody.  The most important thing I got from my trip though was seeing my girls laughing and playing in...

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