Five Typical Driving Distractions One Must Avoid!

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Distractions affect every sort of work, but they can cause you major consequences when you are on the road. Distractions while driving can even bring fatal outcomes. After all, a trivial amount of inattentionfor just a secondmay easily turn your happy drive into adisastrous accident. So give utmost attention on the wheels, accelerator,brake and keepthe eyes on the path by avoiding a fewtypical driving distractions.

Music and Directions:

Do not play loud music in the car while you are driving since it may distract you from putting all attention on the road. If you are taking help of the GPS system, then park your car aside and check the directions. Do not ever tackle the steering with one hand managing GPS system on the other hand. If somebody else is in the car ask for his or her help in narrating the directions.

Calling and Messaging

Using your cell phone for talking or texting someone while driving your car is not just distracting but extremelydangerous. Moreover, it is illegal too and may cause you major compensations! Most of the states have written laws on the mobile phone regulatory books that using cell phones while driving increases the chances of accidents on the road four times more.So, keep your phone either into silent mode or stop your car to receive urgent calls. 2015-07-07 10-17-51


Drinking and Eating

The act of eating includes a number of steps which can land you into serious troubles while driving a car. When you put much attention to unwrapping, then chewing, swallowing and consequently dropping, spilling and lastly wiping your mouth the risk gets increased to another level. If you really feel hungry just stop somewhere and eat or drink. You will also get some time to relax also which will energize you to drive for long.

Looking and Staring

Just a moment of distraction can result into serious damages to your car, yourself and the riders of the car. Roadside accidents, construction works, police pullovers, or even just spectacular sceneries can snatch your attention and make you face an unfortunate accident. The other passengers riding the car may look at things passing by but while you are the driver of the car, you have to resist your eyes from wandering here and there.

Chatting and Laughing

If you are driving all alone, then the matter of being distracted with chit-chats will not arise. But the problem appears when there are other persons in the car traveling with you. Children and even elders often talk too much and cause distractions in concentrating on the path forward. Tell them to talk as little as possible and jokes can wait for later once you reach the destination. 2015-07-07 10-19-50


You need to be well aware of these common distractions in order to avoid compensations that can be life snatching. Once you sit on the driver’s seat, tie up your seat belt and start the car you must remember these things and try avoiding them as much as possible.


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