Hike to Unwind

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So the other day I was hiking, one of my favorite things to do and I noticed all the wonderful things around me, all the natural things.  I was hiking by myself that day because my wife had to take our youngest daughter, Michelle, to the doctor.  Little Michelle seemed like she might have a bit of a cold.  But anyway, back to nature and its beauty.  I can totally understand why Walt Whitman, Wordsworth, Thoreau, and all the other transcendentalist writers wrote about nature and all its natural beauty.

Melbourne is a pretty big city, and I’ve lived here all my life.  Although it has its attractions and memories, all the lights and tall buildings are overrated to the point of ridiculousness.  It’s nearly impossible to get a good view of the stars in the sky at night, and that’s why I like camping outside and stargazing.  It lets me see the beauty of the night sky.  I also love hiking and swimming and surfing and other activities I can do outside.  I love the wide openness and calm of nature and the world around us.  It gives me the chance to take a break from work and stress, and it keeps me sane honestly.  Sometimes you just need a break.

Being outside and this particular hiking trip really, made me rethink what I said about life and how it gets harder and less happy as we go along.  While yes, I do have much more stress at this stage in my life than I did a few years ago and when I was a kid or teenager, I appreciate the simpler things now, like my daughters laughs, the view I get from a hike and just nature in general.

Years ago, I would have been focused on the bugs outside or it being hot, but now I can fully enjoy it and put things like that, distractions, out of my head.  I think of it as a form of meditation because of how I let go of my worries and things that are stressing me out at the time.  Nature is freeing, and I think it has a lot to do with the wide open space that is nature itself.  I feel free and liberated when I am outside.  Work related stuff and worries I have don’t seem to matter.

I take my oldest daughter on hiking trips, and I will take Michelle when she’s older too.  We go on family camping trips and trips to places like Cape Conran and Apollo Bay, where they can appreciate the beauty of nature and things besides the city.  I want them to appreciate the world around us just as much as their mother and I do. I know it sounds cheesy, but when you really stop and just let go, it is an amazing, unstressed feeling like no other. It’s impossible to describe, but amazing to experience.  Everyone should experience it.

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