Mad and Mighty Michelle

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Our youngest daughter, Michelle, is still a toddler, and she’s still working on the whole potty training thing.  Trying to teach toddlers things is just so frustrating, they don’t know as many words as you do, and so sometimes what you say to them, even if you don’t realize it, they can’t understand it because it’s too complex.  Explaining something as simple as potty training in this instance is hard for them to understand.

Michelle just recently learned her colors as well.  God did that seem impossible.  Every time you taught her a new color, she immediately assumed that everything was now that color.  Whenever you thought you had made progress, nope, Michelle proved you dead wrong.  You would think she had it when you showed her a few things that were…let’s say blue, and you could even ask her what color something was ( that was blue, since hypothetically, that’s the color she’s learning), but if you asked her to pick out a blue piece of paper or a blue crayon…that’s where you lost her.  She could hardly ever did it.  It was hard for her to connect the visual with the word.

We don’t even want to think about teaching her the damn alphabet.  We’ll have to get letters that are all the same colors most likely, so she will not get the color and the letter confused.  She would totally do that, most definitely.  I’m just glad that I work full-time (I know, I know, how many times do you hear someone say that?), so I can let Nicole do all the work.  Yes, yes I know I’m lazy.  But seriously, go try to teach a child something that you think is simple like potty training or to read or the alphabet or colors or numbers, and trust me, you’ll be lazy too….and frustrated, DEFINITELY frustrated.  You’ll be more frustrated than you’ve ever been in your entire life, I promise, no I swear.  It’s pretty tough.  They just don’t understand, and we think they should.  Therefore, frustration is a guarantee.  Seriously.

Even something like eating.  That seems ridiculously simple, right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought before I had kids.  It takes Michelle at least an hour to eat lunch, or even just an afternoon snack.  I have to continually tell her to eat her food, and then she gets caught up in what everyone else is doing.  Even telling her to be a big girl still makes eating about a forty-five minute process, and that always worked on Brittany.  Always.  It worked on Brittany with almost everything, potty training, colors, alphabet, eating.  You name it and my wife and I probably used the line “A big girl would do it.”  About ninety eight percent of the time, that line worked, but I swear, Michelle is ADHD or something.  It doesn’t work!!!!! That just blew my mind the first time I tried telling her, “A big girl would do it.” and it didn’t even phase her.  Michelle is still going to be diapers when she goes off to college, I just know it.

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