Stay at Home Mums

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The other day, I came home from work (we had been working on the design for a library), and my wife was asleep with our two little girls.  She’s a stay at home mom, and I’ve always admired her for being able to do that.  She’s usually more tired than I am after working all day.

I hate that stay at home moms never get much credit for what they do.  My mom stayed at home with me and my brothers, just like my wife does.  Most people think that what they do is just so easy, like elementary school teachers or nannies and babysitters.  “Playing with kids all day?  That’s not a job, that’s so easy!”  Most of those people have never actually done it.

Kids are tough.  My oldest is seven, and after all that time, it’s still hard for me to watch her and keep her entertained.  They grow and change so much, it’s hard to even keep up with what they like so you can keep them busy.  When both of our girls were babies, my wife was the one who usually got up in the middle of the night to check on them since I work.  She could only sleep when they were sleeping, so sleep during the day was hard too.  Toddlers don’t have a long enough attention span to watch TV for long periods of time, not to mention that they have to be potty trained, taught colors, taught shapes, learn their ABC’s, and develop fine motor skills.  Once children start school, it seems like it would be easier, but they still have to be taken to school every morning, they need help with homework, lunches packed, and rides to soccer practices and other after school activities.  Once they were teenagers, whoa…even though we do not have a teenager just yet, we’ve thankfully got about six more years, just think, you have the body of an adult, but your hormones aren’t quite there yet.  You have to worry about making friends, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, doing well in school, and fitting in.   Not to mention that you can’t act like a child anymore because you’re expected to make adult like decisions, but you don’t get the privileges of an adult just yet.  You’ll have to wait a few more years for that.  Someone who can deal with all that is no short of a saint.

The really hard part about stay at home moms and other people who keep children is that hardly any one gives them the credit they deserve.  They always tell them how easy it is, “kids take naps right?” or “oh, all you have to do is stick them in front of a TV!”.  I can’t imagine working as an architect, designing all these buildings and overseeing their construction, and having everyone tell me how easy it was when they had NEVER done the job themselves.  While almost everybody has a hard job in some sense, I would have to say people who keep children have the hardest one.

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